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Welcome to PounceBet Auto Pounce! Create your own automated Betfair strategy on top of our smart "losing favourites" betting model, rated 4.73 by our users in the Betfair community
For those new to PounceBet, we integrate with the Betfair Exchange and our unique service has been providing quality in-play betting opportunities to our mobile app users since 2014. Our system monitors live sports matches taking place across the globe 24/7 and selects the best in-play opportunities using smart statistical algorithms. Now is your chance to use our platform as a base for your very own betting bot! See how profitable our system is here!
Our strategy plans cater for all types of users; from casual sports gamblers, to investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Whatever your risk profile, our Auto Pounce system has the solution.

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What is a Pounce? PBI?
In-play bet on a losing favourite to win
Let's take an example scenario - Barcelona football team are playing at home against Malaga. With Malaga in the bottom half of the league table and Barcelona sitting pretty at the top of the league, they rightly go into the match as strong favourites with low odds of 1.18.
After 25 mins, Malaga score! The odds on Barcelona jump to 1.60.
PounceBet has been monitoring the match, and the Malaga goal is a trigger for our system to analyse the event. A host of data including the in-play statisics (possession, shots etc), historical statistics, form, head-to-head, team rankings, the live Betfair Exchange odds and much more are fed into our smart algorithm.
The algorithm quickly evaluates and combines all these factors into one number out of 100, the PounceBet Index or PBI. The higher the number, the better the opportunity!
In this case, the system thinks there is a very high chance of Barcelona coming back to win this match, sees good value in the odds of 1.60, and outputs a PBI of 72 - this is a Pounce.
Every Pounce is sent to our free mobile apps, allowing you to manually bet in-play with a single tap. Download our FREE app now!
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Example Pounces from our mobile app
(gold tick means the Pounce won!)
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PounceBet has been active since 2014. The table below shows how our PBI (PounceBet Index) successfully correlates with match outcomes - as the PBI increase, so do the chances of the bet winning - this shows you that our algorithms work! Our PBI can be used to help automate your betting choices in our STANDARD and EXPERT strategies.
PBI Above Number of Pounces Win %
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Your ROI for 2018 could have been %!!
The charts below show the annual / year-to-date performance of some example automated strategies based on the PBI (read above for PBI explanation). As an example, "PBI >= 60" means a strategy which only bets on Pounces where the PBI is at least 60. The performance figures assume level betting stakes, no cashouts and do not account for Betfair commission or strategy fees (both of which are variable). "PBI >= 30" is our benchmark strategy, as this is the minimum PBI for any Pounce.
These strategies are simple examples - you can create yor own bespoke strategy which could out-perform them all!
2020 performance data is not shown due to COVID-19 and the shutdown of sports, and subsequently our services.
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Your ROI for 2019 could have been %!!
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Your ROI for 2021 could be %!!
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Take a profit in ~90% of bets**
In ~90% of cases, the odds drop after we issue a Pounce. This means that in ~90% of cases, there is the possibility of cashing out and taking risk-free profit. How and when you decide to cashout is completely up to you, and can be precisely configured in our Auto Pounce strategies.
* based on our BASIC strategy with no cashouts/hedging. The profit could be increased further with an EXPERT strategy.
** where the profit is at least 5% of the potential profit.
Why Auto Pounce?
24/7, speedy, strategic, secure & responsible
Our mobile app is great for manually placing bets when you have time, but is that always the case? Do you always have time to monitor matches and decide when to cashout? See some of the great advantages to Auto Pounce below.
24/7 Coverage
Wherever your base, sporting events take place globally in multiple timezones. Whether you are asleep, busy at work or shopping, Auto Pounce ensures your bets are always placed and you never miss a good opportunity
Having your bet placed immediately is crucial - this is what PounceBet is all about and this is why it's called a "Pounce." Even being a few seconds late can be difference between a great value bet, and a missed opportunity. Auto Pounce ensures your bets are placed instantly, faster than manually, and invariably resulting in better odds.
Auto Pounce allows you to bet strategically, leaving emotions aside and betting more consisitently. We believe that sticking to a strategy helps you to bet smarter. How many times have you chased a loss? How many times have you said "I should have cashed out?" With Auto Pounce your strategy will always be executed strategically.
PounceBet is a certified Betfair partner app - we have been security cleared by Betfair to allow you link your Betfair account within our apps, and operate on the Betfair Exchange. You can read more about us on the Betfair App Directory here.
Controlled & Responsible
Bet responsibily with Auto Pounce. Our system averages 360 bets a year - in some periods there are more bets than others, but you may think of it as 1 bet per day on average - our system will not bombard you with bet after bet, it only selects the bets which meet our strict criteria and pass through our algorithms. In other words, we select our bets very carefully!
Change your strategy at any time. If you think a team is in bad form, blacklist them. If you want to increase your stakes during a tennis grand slam, go for it! There are no charges to make changes to your existing subscription.
No Contracts
Start and end your subscription as you please - our rolling monthly subscriptions can be cancelled without any notice period or charges.
Our mobile apps give you full visibility of your bets and allow you to override your bets on any live event.
Strategies & Pricing
Monthly rolling subscriptions - no contracts
Choose from 3 different price plans - BASIC, STANDARD and EXPERT - each offers a different level of customisation. All of our subscription plans are contract-free and can be cancelled at any time.

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